Lobelia cardinalis 'wavy' nearly full-grown submerged

Now that the plant is settled in and well-established (19-Dec-2020) it’s at 17 cm and while the tops are still attractive, it has an exposed bare understory layer with plentiful “aerial” roots – at least that’s what they’d be called if the plant weren’t underwater – that are somewhat unsightly.  I’m not sure what to do now, so I’ll take some advice from the UK Aquatic Plant Society.  Some possibilities are to plant something smaller in front to hide the bare stemmy rooty patches which would need something small that doesn’t mind being shaded, or alternatively there might be a trimming method for the lobelia that would keep it small(er) and filled in on the bottom, as it was a couple months after it was planted.  Alternatively I suppose it could be removed and replaced with something else, but I like the pretty bright green appearance of the leaves and it is thriving in the tank.  I could take the front ones out I suppose and leave one or two in the back which would then give some light for something else in front.

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