After installing aquarium in the dining room
Head of the table
The space we have to work with
Starting place – can an aquarium go in here?

The goal is to do something nice with this victorian-era fireplace seen on the left of this photo of the dining room.  The big brick wall on the right is the back of the inglenook fireplace from the main reception room.  The rounded-looking thing between the two is the back of a bread oven from maybe 1800?  Rooks would drop twigs down the chimney of the fireplace in a vain attempt to build a nest in the chimney.  We installed a bird excluder that kept the rooks and twigs out but for a long time had the empty fireplace with a tangle of fallen twigs and debris at the bottom.  We used to have fish in our previous place and I thought it might be nice to put an aquarium inside the space of the fireplace, to living things up and with the lighting from the aquarium also brighten up an otherwise dark corner.  This turned out to be a project which is still ongoing…

Check out the current setup!

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