Oase “Living Waters” biOrb LIFE (45 L)


We run a ‘peaceful community tank’ with a blend of plants and animals that (are supposed to and mostly do) live harmoniously together.

Aquarium as of 5-Sep-2021

Notes: redo on the Ludwigia

Previous Residents…

Usually these are ‘previous residents’ because something didn’t work out quite right…


Things that keep things going, or make them nice.

Food for critters

  • Various flakes, pellets and wafers

Temperature control


Water movement

Decorations / hardscape

  • biOrb Amazonas Root Aquarium Ornament (41cm)

Water quality

Carbon dioxide (gas) delivery

Plant substrate

  • Aquasoil
  • Biohome biogravel
  • BiOrb ceramic media




Where it all comes from.  No kickbacks, just honest impressions.

Online Resources

UK Aquatic Plants Society – lots of great information here

Dennerle plant database – very helpful

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