Oase “Living Waters” biOrb LIFE (45 L)


We run a ‘peaceful community tank’ with a blend of plants and animals that (are supposed to and mostly do) live harmoniously together.

Aquarium as of 16-Jan-2022

Notes: No sign of green spot algae returning

Previous Residents…

Usually these are ‘previous residents’ because something didn’t work out quite right…


Things that keep things going, or make them nice.

Food for critters

  • Various flakes, pellets and wafers

Temperature control


Water movement

Decorations / hardscape

  • biOrb Amazonas Root Aquarium Ornament (41cm)

Water quality

Carbon dioxide (gas) delivery

Plant substrate

  • Aquasoil
  • Biohome biogravel
  • BiOrb ceramic media




Where it all comes from.  No kickbacks, just honest impressions.

Online Resources

UK Aquatic Plants Society – lots of great information here

Dennerle plant database – very helpful

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