Fireplace Aquarium is a resource to inspire and illustrate development and maintenance of a tropical freshwater aquarium with live plants, and along the way, to share useful tips implementing an amateur WordPress site.

Andy Pierce, host of the Fireplace Aquarium
Andy, your host

Who are we?

“We” is me, Andy Pierce!  The alter ego is an amateur freshwater aquarist and wanna-be web designer.  Fireplace Aquarium combines those two loves; I hope you will find it interesting and useful. structural visualisation 11-Mar-2021 seen by Screaming Frog

Where to begin?

Have a browse of the sitemap and see what strikes your fancy.  The category pages of the blog might also be helpful.  If you just want an update on how things are going, the current setup has a recent picture or video with links to expanded info on the various aspects that make up the Fireplace Aquarium, both present-day and previously.

Drawing Hands - M.C. Escher
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Send some email using the form below.  You’re also welcome to sign the guestbook and comment on pages and posts.