Tropical freshwater aquarium with lights off
Aquarium in the evening – 28-Oct-2020

We put the clocks back to British Standard Time last weekend, but I haven’t yet reset the timers on the lighting and CO2 for the aquarium.  I have been limiting the time on for the lights to 6 hours per day to combat green spot algae which means it’s tricky to actually get to see the aquarium lit up – it’s still off when I leave for work in the morning and often is back off again by time I get home afterwards.  I’m going to see how much work it is to reset these timers.  If I can ever get the algae under control, I’ll try increasing the lights-on period to 8 hours per day which would also help.

It does look like the algae is starting to clear up a bit…

Sorting through BoldGrid

Ok… so finally I decide to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on how to actually use the BoldGrid software that comes with the WordPress installation on the DreamHost hosting site.

This after some frustration with things like “what do all these on/off flashing symbols mean?” and “isn’t there an easy way to just make two columns of material?” questions and a lot of semi-random button pushing.

illustrate boldgrid controls
Fuzzy boldgrid editor screenshot